Friday, May 11, 2012

My Anya..

Currently she just love, and able to understand:

1) Singing to what mummy and Aidan were singing - Sunday Song (dengar hujung2, like 'day' 'day' and funny when we sang Monday jer, mulut adik dah ready muncung sebab nak sebut Tuesday.. hehe), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (with hand gestures and what not), Dora Song, Spongebob Song, Birthday Song.. Yes, adik picked up the words and sound pretty much fast.. Alhamdulillah..

2) Counting! When Aidan tengah follow Dora's program on counting, adik would follow.. but after 1, jer semua jadi 'two'.. Adik went, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2.. Hehehe.. :) Good start dear.. :P

3) Able to respond to what mummy said.. Mummy told adik to stay with Opah, mummy nak kena keje, and adik geleng kepala, and said 'nooooo'.. Cute but memang kena tinggal gak.. hehehe..

4) Dressing up! She would smile bila mummy pakaikan adik nice dress and start la admiring all the flowers on it.. :) Aidan would compliment.. 'Mummy, adik cantik!' Yes, smalam pun kelakar with Aidan, semua benda cantik, best.. Last night he said 'Mummy, cantik!- sambil point to their playroom, and said 'Toys best!' sebab banyak toys' hehehe.. :)

5) Climbing.. Tiru Aidan, oh yes! Jenuh gak kejar.. hehehe.. Good job adik!!

p/s: Aidan suka main game kat hp Opah, and one night, masa tido rumah Opah, Aidan insisted mummy tolong mainkan level yang agak susah for him, and mummy were watching the tv.. I said 'Aidan try la main, mummy nak tengok tv'.. But my boy insisted gak and said 'Please la mummy..' So, I helped him few rounds sebab yes, that level memang susah rupa2nya, hahaha, and when i finished it up, my boy said 'Ohhh, pandai mummy!!' Hahaha.. I dah gelak.. and he continued 'Tengkun mummy (thank you mummy!)'.. 'Huh, tengkun??? tengkun ker thank you??' and my boy said 'omaiengish (OH MY ENGLISH!!) sambil tepuk dahi! Yes, sebab bila Aidan salah cakap jer, kitorang suka tiru iklan tuh.. Funny!! Hahahahaha!!

I brought Aidan for his second casting for Isomil Print Ad (will post about it later- Aidan among the 10 yang being shortlisted.. :)), and lepas lunch jer, nak ke kereta, Aidan asked me 'Mummy, mana mummy nyer car?' I said 'There, sana tuh, nampak tak?' 'Mana?' and he quickly point to the each car and said 'bukan, bukan, bukan, bukan, ehhh makngah (sebab kete macam kete makngah, but he laughed after that sebab tau, kete jer sama.. hehehe) and continued 'bukan, bukan, bukan.. CAR MUMMY!!' Jom balik, mummy! - JOM!! Yes, Aidan pantang nampak kete macam kete his aunties and what not, riuh sakan.. Yes, able to recognize logos too.. Great!
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