Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most Ardently by TWF (The Wedding Fairies),
Thank you Banawi Studio for the sponsorship! ;) wink2!!

Hey hey hey, don't forget to come and participate (ofcoz u need to get your tickets first @TWF blog, whereby they will direct you what to do to be part of this amazing wedding/ fashion event!) :)

I am so happy and excited for my friend, Evie, who is the owner of TWF, and alongside with her family members and supportive friends, they managed to come up with such event.. Alhamdulillah.. Well, knowing my friend who is crazy creative and talented, i believe that this event will be a blast and how happy i am to be part of it, walaupun hanya sekadar crew untuk Decor Department.. Hehehe.. :)

So, to make this event more meaningful (since it is a charity event), Banawi Studio, my nephew's t's business, decided to contribute, and ofcoz sponsoring t-shirts to all crews on that day.. :) Thank you, thank you to my sister and Ibrahim for supporting TWF all the way! :))

So, yeah.. Get your tickets now, and see you there!! :D

p/s: Thanks to Mr Khairi for giving me a one day pass to be alongside TWF to make the event a success.. Yes, he is going to take care of my kiddos, and yeah, yeah, yeah, how cool is that???! :P kekeke..
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