Friday, June 29, 2012

Sri Bunga Raya Kindergarten!

What they did today..

Firstly, no, no, no.. Not that i sent Aidan there yet.. But i follow everything that teacher Dalia or Wan, the principal (my fellow neighbour) posted on SBR facebook wall whenever i am on facebook.. :) Yes, i just love to see the pictures of this activity and that activity, teacher Dalia set for the kids, and somehow i got to admit that it would be super cool to be able to work and at the same time, you got to see pictures and more pictures of your kids and their friends in class, and what they learn on that particular day itself.. Wonderful! :)

So, today i got to see the kids latest creation in the Creative Cooking Class.. They were asked to come up with their own creative pancake.. Teacher Dalia took all the pictures of their pancakes, whereby the theme was Face Pancake.. Teacher Dahlia took the chance to come up with a guessing game for the parents.. She wrote this on the wall..

" Dear Parents, lets play a guessing game. When the kids creatively design this pancake face, he/she was making either his mommy/daddys' face. Guess which one is your kid's creative work. The answer will be revealed tomorrow. (for class eagle and tiger only) Please tag yourself at the picture and tell us why you think so. Happy Guessing!" - How cute is this??

MODE: SMILING MUMMY! This is so interesting!!! :D

I wonder how i would act when Aidan is ready to attend his kindy.. But he would only join in next 2 years (i supposed) as i think he would be ready by then.. Weekend class is okay for me, and since i have my class with him like almost every week, i think that should be enough for now.. But if i see that he is ready by next year, who knows i might be considering for the classes as well.. Hmmm, let's just wait and see.. :D

Mummy saper nih?? :P

Daddy with red lips.. Wahhh! :P

The brother, maybe.. :)

* Tiba2.. ada Echa!! hehehe.. :P

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