Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello everyone!! :))

Hello Raisya!! :)

Raisya Nur Amani's Sweet Cukur Jambul Ceremony..

Last Sunday, we went to Adoz's house in Kelana Jaya, to celebrate his daughter, Raisya Nur Amani.. :) Yes, it was a very sweet Cukur Jambul ceremony, with amazing settings, great favors to give away, and yes, the food, oh my.. So yummy! :) Hessa ate more than 20 spoonful ok! But her spoonful is ofcoz tea spoonful.. Banyaknyer.. Alhamdulillah.. And as for Cik Dan, less than 5! Arrrgghhh!!! :P Yes, been battling with his appetite yang ala2 tuh for months now, and dah macam2 buat untuk bagi Aidan berselera nak makan.. :(

We arrived there in the afternoon, and yes, terlepas nak tengok all the tahlil, cukur jambul event, and what not.. Raisya looked so cute with her headband that her mummy got her to wear when i asked to take her picture.. She was smiling for 1 second and all serious after that.. yes, just like my Hessa when she was a baby.. :) I guess the theme for that day was colorful, as i saw different2 colors being used at different places.. What a joy! :))

Thank you.. thank you so much Adoz and family for having us on that day.. :)

 LOVE THIS PIC *scream!! :))

Beautiful, innit?? :))

Hessa!! :)

Hessa, wide awake after hours of sleep, but look at Aidan, he was sleeping in the car, tiba2 kena kejut.. Tak syok lah tuh.. :P

Oh my.. Sleepy indeed..

Favors for mummy and daddy.. Comel kan?? :)

Waaahhh, macam2 ada.. :P

For the kids.. Siap dapat Leap Pad! Hahaha.. Okay2, tipu jer.. :P

Cute nyerrr.. Sedap lak tuh.. :)))) Nyum3..
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