Monday, July 23, 2012

Something fishy? Yes, it's mummy's Caramel Fishy Pudding.. hehehe.. :P

How's Ramadhan so far??

Salam all.. :) Salam Ramadhan sekali lagi buat semua.. :) Alhamdulillah, dapat merasa kedatangan Ramadhan this year, and to be frank, niat pada tahun ni, me and hubby alternate nak ke surau or masjid, berjemaah dengan yang lain2, untuk solat Isya' and Terawih.. :) Syukur sangat, hubby sempat join for Terawih pada malam pertama, and i had to look after the kids at my mom's.. Malam kedua, i got to join my fellow neighbours di SPK, and last night, hubby's turn pulak whereby he got the chance to join those in KJ.. So, i am looking forward for tonite plak.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

So, how's Ramadhan treating everyone so far? Tak terasa sangat puasa this year, as masa berjalan like soooo cepat.. Sedar2 jer dah pukul 2, pastu tup2, dah 4.30, balik from bazar, dah pukul 6 lebih, hidang2 dah nak berbuka.. :) Still, the message of this whole fasting/ responsibility haruslah dihayati and really take into accounts.. :)

Still, we inject some fun to celebrate Ramadhan.. And ofcoz deciding on what to have for Iftar is one of them.. But, for this year, i told hubby, 1 dish for berbuka would be enough, unless we decided to break our fast at home, then i would prepare 2-3 simple dishes.. Enough.. :)) And yesterday, as hubby and i decided to break fast in Kelana Jaya with my in- laws, i prepared them Caramel pudding, dessert for the loved ones.. :) Yes, quite sweet for my in- laws, but i remember Ita and Zikry who just loved them when i prepared them this pudding last time.. And as for me, i was so lucky that my mother in law prepared us, my favorite steamed fish.. Oh my, so yummy that Aidan too ate quite a few suap.. Huhuhu.. Yes, those yang follow my blog, mesti tau kisah anak lelaki saya yang kurang makan.. Huhuhu.. Any tips, please!

Okie dokie.. Selamat Berpuasa semua.. :))

This is what i prepared for my in- laws yesterday.. And yes, untuk my kids, i injected some creative ideas untuk pujuk anak sorang tuh minat nak makan.. Huhuhu.. Ok, he ate them, but i need him to eat carbo, protein, and what not too.. Please!

p/s: Thank you to in laws for that delicious steamed fish, and for everything.. :) We really appreciate them.. Thanks!

For KJ's family.. :))

For my kiddos.. :)

Aidan amazed with the pudding.. He went 'camner jadi fish?' :P

Slurrp2!! :))

Adik yang keletihan berpuasa.. kekeke.. :P

p/s: To my anak2 buah yang belajar to fast this year, good luck, and remember the reason why we need to fast, and learn to be patient kay? :) Ask Haikal how he did it.. He did awesome! :)) Alhamdulillah..

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