Monday, August 6, 2012

Klang's family gathering for Iftar.. :)

Alhamdulillah, what a weekend! :)) 

Saturday, we went to KJ and iftar there.. My mother in law made us nasi beriani, and got to eat telur ikan she made a day before.. Alhamdulillah.. Before that, i brought Aidan to meet my friend at Paradigm, and later joined by Hessa, Achik and Daddy for few rounds jalan2 there, and we brought the kids to Jkids too.. Had a blast really.. :))

Sunday, we went to Klang to meet all Klang family for iftar.. As expected, there were lots of food, you can pick from nasi, soto, soup ayam Ateh yang sangatlah sedappppp, and even ketupat.. heheheh.. Ala2 dah raya pun ada gak smalam.. Best2.. :)) It was good to meet everyone and since we arrived late last year, this year we arrived as early as 3.30 pm.. hehehe.. :)) Aidan and Hessa had fun playing there, and we even celebrated Ida, Ikin and Jiha's birthday.. :) Their cake was so sweet, simple and yummy too! :)) Aidan and Hessa enjoyed looking at the cake and we sang them a birthday song.. Nasib baik Hessa tak nyanyi for her, since whenever we sang a birthday song, adik would surely change the name to hers.. Hahaha.. :P

Okie dokie, bye! Gotta layan my daughter.. and Aidan is fast asleep.. :)) Mmmuax!

Aidan and cousins playing together.. Daddy, mummy and Asu tukang sorak.. :P

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