Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Promoting My Sugar Shack Amie! and Mangotouch Delight Wirda! :))

Promoting my friends..

Alamak, lagi 10 hari nak raya, baru nak promote?? Chettt! Hahahaha.. Mungkin itulah yang akan empunya business and all readers terfikir bila come across this entry.. Hahaha.. :P So sorry, but ada gak hati mummy nak promote kawan2 nyer business.. Bukan lah business nih only for Raya saja, memang my friends ambil order pun buat cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and so many more.. What you guys need to do is to browse and see for yourself.. nanti i bagi link one by one.. :))

My Sugar Shack!

Yes, My Sugar Shack is actually Amie's latest business.. Sebab she too deals with events and wedding planner.. :) This year, i ordered my cookies from her, after months and months dok witness the status kat twitter or fb of how delicious her cookies are from her satisfied customers.. Hehehe.. I ordered M&M's cookies and Nutella cookies.. Tak banyak, this year i have agreed to buy 2 jenis jer kueh raya, and Achik Ita gave me 1 jenis, kueh cornflake that i love most.. Her colleague yang jualkan kat office.. Alhamdulillah.. :)) So, i shall leave you the pics of her cookies here.. and saper2 berminat, sila lah follow the link! :))

Cute, suitable for birthdays too.. :)

I am fasting now, and i am hungry just by looking at this pic! Yummy! :)

Mangotouch Delight Wirda!

And for the sweet weet (phhheeeweeet! kekeke.. :)) Wirda, she just started her baking business.. Business meletop2 now.. Ada jer orang order, and not only cakes, biscuits jer yang she can baked for you.. She can even make you home- made bread! Hebat tak?? :P

Hehehe.. Ok, tgk lah hasil air tangan Wirda.. :))

Yes, Puan Wirda juga merupakan seorang yang romantik dan berjiwa sentimental.. Kuang3.. :P

Hati berbunga dan berona- roni.. :P

Cakes in a jar?? Cool!! Party favors!! :))

Mini pavlova is to die for!! :)) Sedapppp..

Slurp2!! Sedap kan??????? :)) Selamat membeli!!

To all: This is on Promotion Entry, promoting my friends.. So, tak perlu cookies or cake free.. But kalau nak hantar gak, kekeke, Wirda, ko tau rmah aku yang mana, and Amie, you tau alamat sebab you post hadiah birthday Aidan aritu kan?? kekekeke.. hehehehe.. Kidding! :P

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