Sunday, September 30, 2012

Congratulations Falin and hubby.. :)) New and young bride and groom with the old ones.. Hahaha..
Simply amazing.. :)

Teach adik how to do 'peace' sign sebab rasa dah pro.. :P

Promote: On Body Curve, Cosry and Congrats again Falin! :)

Have you heard about Cosry's Body Curve? Yes, a corset set for ladies out there who wish to have this to- die- for figure! Hehehe.. Just like other quality corset brands out there, Cosry's Body Curve deliver the same expectations, but at a very reasonable price.. :) Reasonable price if to compare with other QUALITY brands out there, okay.. Not saying that it is super cheap.. Not saying that at all.. :P
So, Rini invited me to her house to let me try it on, and since Abang Putra also did mention about this before, so i decided to just join the crowd and support the whole thing.. Yes, i was among the earliest to arrive, as i had few other plans after that.. Putra's assistant helped me a lot, and explained one by one on how to wear it the right way, and how to take care of it.. Yes, at first, i was like, "hmmmm, to wash it EVERY night, to let it dry, to wear it the next day.. Hmmmm, can people really commit to this?" Yes, simply because sometimes when i got home, i would probably already half asleep, or simply have few other important stuff to look into, and if i can't commit to it, it's gonna be useless, and for sure, i won't get the result that i wanted.. So, commitment is a must!
But this entry is to promote the corset.. :)) Wanna know what i found out after i tried it on?? Oh my, amazing feeling ever.. I felt like i was 18 again.. Hahahaha.. No lah, you will feel more confident for sure, after standing  right infront of the mirror, looking at yourself.. If you wear it right, you will notice no obvious bulges whatsoever.. They simply gone! Yes, amazing.. :)) But for those who have sensitive skin, i advice for you to feel the material first, just to be sure.. No, i did not get one for me, but i am very happy to share it with you guys, and those who are interested to buy this corset, please do so.. You can contact Tengku Rinanda Putri (find her via twitter or fb) or simply visit Cosry's boutique @ The Curve.. :)) Do commit for a fantastic result.. :))

Later, we went to Delima's, my friend cum neighbour, to celebrate her sister's wedding kenduri.. :) I love weddings.. :) Falin looked so sweet in her wedding gown.. The moment i looked at her, i saw her mom.. Oh my, she looked just like her mom.. I teased her saying that i can imagine how her mother looked like, when she was young.. :) Later aunty proudly say ' No lah, i was prettier..' Hehehe.. Sweet! :)
Okie dokie, as usual, pictures time.. :))

That morning.. Rushing to Rini's house, McD: for the kids lunch, and nak straight to Sungai Buloh.. :)
 But bila sampai rumah, Aidan plak tido.. Let's wait for him, kay adik?? :)

 With my baby girl.. :)

 Awwwwww, that very moment when you just fell in love all over again.. :))

 Aunty Ima!!! 5 months pregnant.. :)

 Lovely.. Hahaha, what's up Aidan?? :P

 The preggies.. Both sisters.. :))

 MY kids.. :)) Ammar Aunty La.. :) He called me La.. :)

Before we bid goodbye, both mummies insisted for another pic.. Hehehe.. :)
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