Saturday, September 15, 2012

 Specially for Achu??? Awwww, thanks nephew.. :P

 Happy for you two!!

Beautiful setting.. :)
Congrats Ibrahim and Aja! :)
Hi! I just got back from my nephew's big day.. Solemnization ceremony, held at the bride's house.. Syukur sangat2, that myself tak buat drama di rumah orang.. Hahaha.. And that the event went all smooth as well.. Thanks to my sis, Achik Ha who became my family's orang kuat, managing our big troop to the said event.. Hehehe.. :)
The theme for today's ceremony was green, and everyone tried to squeeze in 'green' in any possible way, daddy, Aidan, me and adik too love to support the whole theme.. :) We went all out- and we went all super duper green!! Hehehe..
The best part of the whole thing is to see my sister, Alang, smiling and taking Ibrahim's pictures as she was about to have a new member, a daughter in law, in her family.. She looked so calm, and once i awhile she would smile alone while staring at his son, who was about to step into a new chapter in his life.. I am so sure, she was praying for the best inside.. :) I love you Kak Nab.. :)
My mom together with the rest of my sisters, brothers, in laws, nephews and nieces were there too.. To witness these 2 love birds, joining together to be a lifetime partner.. InsyaAllah.. With one lafaz, she was all his, and she looked super happy and yes, did i mention how sweet she was just now? Aja looked so pretty and glowy too.. :)
Oh, i made the hantaran for my nephew.. Later, i shall upload them here.. We chose cream and green combo.. Nothing extravanganza, just simple hantaran, as my sister decided to have nothing fancy, but sweet hantaran would do the trick.. :)
Okie dokie, pictures time! :)) Congrats again you two!! Love ya!! :)
A pic with adik before we left for the ceremony.. :)

Daddy and adik.. Daddy's little girl.. :)

Yes, ramai kan?? My lovey dovey troop.. :)

 Mom, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews.. :)

 Love these girls to the max.. :) Shasha and Far.. Atyn was not there as she is in Dubai now.. :(

 Nervous??? Hehehe..

Ooops, somebody dah start panas.. Requested for Mamat kipas2 him.. Hahaha..

 Yes, it's about time, nephew.. :) Listening to what the Imam had to say religiously.. :)

 How cute!! Hahaha.. Dah start berpeluh nampakkkk.. kekeke.. :P Mamat was laughing while doing it.. :P

Aidan was the photographer of the day too.. :P He took quite numbers of pictures.. My hantaran pics, Abang Ibrahim, the ceiling and also the floor.. :P

 She was praying inside, i just knew.. :)

 How sweet as she sometimes took her phone out and started to take pictures of the groom.. :)

 Daddy.. Can you spot him?? :)

 With 1 lafaz.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

My lovely niece and nephews.. :)

 Happy for sure.. :)

Some of my nieces and nephews.. :)

 Can you see that?? Hehehe.. Adik kena pakai seluar sebab we were afraid that she might do her 'job' there and ruin the dress.. :P

After the event, everyone went to Opah's to reherse their lines for this Monday's reception performance.. :) Yeah, Wait for the entry!
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