Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love notes in a jar! How cute is this?? :))

Let me tell you something..

Today, i received this one private msg, from somebody close to me, and she told me that upon my decision to put my blog back in Public, somebody wrote love notes for me.. Oh yes, thank you, and i truly expect that coming.. :))

My blog is my diary, a place for me to keep all my memories with my kids and my family.. Most of my viewers or readers are my friends, relatives, nephews, nieces and my sisters who sometimes wanted to know the latest story of us as a family.. And we have other things coming too..

This blog was made and created with love.. And i want to keep it that way, badly..

So, yeahhh, that's about it.. :)

On Cik Dan and Hessa.. :))))

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