Sunday, September 30, 2012

The power of 'too sleepy'.. :P

Hessa's version of Ya Hanana.. :))

Funny Hessa when it comes to Ya Hanana..
One day, we were on our way to Opah's, and suddenly daddy just noticed that he left his wallet.. He went "Ya, Allah.." and suddenly we heard our sweet little daughter went..
Hessa: Ya Hananaaaa.. Ya Hananaaaa..
Hahahaha.. Yes, in that qasidah, before they sang Ya Hanana, the 'tekong' (Mamat and Iman) together with the rest (my nieces and nephews), would say.. "Allah! Ya Hananaaaa..".. :P
And yes, bila di rumah pun, when i said "Allah.." we still can hear this little voices coming from adik.. She would say 'Allah, Ya Hanana..' :P
Hehehe.. You little sponge you, my baby girl, sweety pie, mai nak kiss sekali! :)
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