Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The latest on Hessa..

Hessa, at the age of 1 1/2 y.o, is a very happy-go-lucky girl.. Always smiling (but jarang bila sedar kita tengah ambil her pic or when she meets stangers), singing, dancing, jumping, and ofcoz not to forget, always up for it, when Aidan innovatively created new games for them.. Yes, like using their doctor toys stuff and turned them into golf equipments.. Hahaha..
And at this young age too, Hessa never fail to surprise us with her new found skills and vocabs.. I guess she got this a lot from Aidan, as Aidan is quite a chatter too.. His 'pelat' thingy is improving, and whenever he ask for kacang, i would tease him, "What? Aidan nak apa?? Tatang or tacang?" and he would correct me '"Kacang.. kacang.. kacang la mummy".. :P
Okay, back to Hessa.. Adik able to understand intructions very well.. Recognizing body parts is very fun with her.. She would show you one by one, and when we ask "Mana gigi adik?" She would show you, and say "Gigit!".. Yes, gigi to gigit.. But not gigit abang yer.. :) She likes to ask a lot too.. Semuanya 'Mana, mana, mana???'..  :P
On Hessa:
Some of her vocabs now:
Nak naik atas, Nak turun bawah, Tak nak, Nak, Pedas, Panas, Tumpah, Jatuh, Sakit, Suka, Cantik, Jom main, Buka , Tutup, Best, Nak susu, Nak makan, Nak air, Sayang, Nak mandi, Sejuk, Nak bubble..
And a lot more.. Okay, dah banyak dah adik.. Ada potential untuk pelat juga, sebab kadang2 she would say, Mummy, nak 'maim'.. :P hihihi.. Adoi yaaaaaiiii!
When it comes to flashcards, unlike Aidan, Hessa still tak boleh nak 100% focus on them lagi.. Masa Aidan umur Hessa, he could name you the animals on the flashcards, but Hessa is truly special.. She likes to take her own sweet time, and love to learn through songs.. She likes edu cartoons too.. Dora, Agent OSO, Bubble Guppies.. You name it.. :)) ABC is improving, but when Aidan sings it to her, she would follow.. A-G great, but ada few alphabets after that Hessa would tertinggal.. Good job, darling, and thanks anak mummy, Aidan.. :)) Great that Aidan can help mummy teach adik ABC.. :) I love both of you so much! :))
I guess, enough now.. Hessa is sleepy.. Sleeping time! :)) Good night all.. :)
p/s: As i am writing this, i am fb-ing with my niece, Ara.. To you Ara, thank you so much for your help this year.. You have helped me in a way that you can never imagine.. A new breather, a new me.. I feel brand new.. :)) *sob2 sebab dah nak dekat November.. :( I love you so much! :))
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