Sunday, October 7, 2012

What a cute monkey! :P

Aidan: Thank you, mummy! :)

On Aidan and Hessa's new Playroom Look (Yes, he already got his birthday pressie :P), and Cahaya SPK Pot Luck with all residents.. :))

I was all happy just now, that after hours of organizing and rearranging the kids stuff in their playroom, and put up Aidan's pressie (the bed canopy), Aidan came down, said WOW, and Thank you to me.. Aaaawwww.. That was so sweet, anak mummy.. :))
This morning, when i was working with their piles of books, their mini Toys'r'Us stuff, Aidan and Hessa were everywhere, and i couldn't do anything, as when i put their stuff at one place, they would come and 'helped' me bringing them back out of the room.. *Sigh, helpless.. So i asked daddy if he could bring the kids upstairs instead.. Hehehe..

I was so happy with the room now.. It looked really cozy, and with the canopy now, i decided to create a day 'mattress', for them to lie down while enjoying their 'susu'.. :) I put up 2 of their monkeys, hanging from the canopy, just to create some fun in the room.. :)) Super like!
When Aidan came down, i was a little bit protective towards the room.. Hahahaha.. I know.. I know.. Chiiwii me! :P It took me hours, ok! :P But when he went in with Hessa, both of them were smiling widely, and Aidan just simply amazed with his new playroom look that he went 'Wowwwww! Thank you, mummy!' Awwwwww, so sweet of you, anak mumy! I quickly said 'Okay, go in, have fun! Nevermind, just play, later i will assist you put eveything back at their places'.. Hehehehe.. Teruja punya pasal.. :))
But, playing with mummy is fun! :P He insisted for me to be with them and enjoyed the room.. :) I had put aside toys that we still want to keep, those that we want to pass down to their cousin, and those that are no longer can be used.. And yes, these are the good ones! *Fuuhhh, yes, they have a lot of toys.. Don't be surprised that half of these toys are their birthday gifts, from their aunties, my friends, tok mummy, tokba and tokma during Aidan 1st birthday, Opah and many others.. :) Yes, i still keep them as believe it or not, it has been 3 years, but they still look pleasant.. :)
The best part was to look at the toy one by one, and each of them simply has its own story.. I just love it.. Remember our little Zebra that Achik Ha brought from Prague for Aidan when he was a baby? Yes, we still have it.. :) Tokba's Elephant soft toy during Aidan's 1st birthday present? Yes, we still have it.. :) Aidan's baby soft toys that we bought for him before we even have him, yes, we still have it.. :)) Oh my, LOVE!

Later, we went to Tokma, and what a great way to end our weekend.. Tokma made some pasta, and i ate a lot.. Huhuhu.. And when Tokba ate nasi, i was up for it too.. Huhuhu.. Now i am all full, and  ready to hit my bed.. :P What a great weekend.. Got to focus on the house on Saturday and got to visit in law on Sunday, and got to make my kids happy with their new room.. :)) Alhamdulillah..
Oh ya, SPK residents came up with Pot Luck today, and we couldn't join as we went to KJ.. But i just love my neighbours.. They just have this program and that program for all residents.. This time, they came up with stall like pot luck.. Cool right? Wan put up in her FB of the pics, and i simply amaze with everyone.. I just love it here.. Love it! :))
Pictures time.. :))
On the kids new playroom, and videos of them, singing to this song and that song.. Please, listen to Aidan's song.. hahahaha.. 'Tonight we are young!'.. For all of you, with LOVE!

Welcome! Let's play with LOVE, meaning, no biting, no pulling hair, no kicking, and no yelling.. Fun screaming is okay, but not too loud! If not, mummy marah.. :P

Tadaaaaa.. :)) Yes, still banyak toys kan?? Sayang sebab elok2 lagi.. But yes, tak perlu dah nak membeli.. hehehe.. :))

His collections of Angry Birds and can you spot our McD kids meal toys?? Hehehehe..

 Aidan simply love it here.. :)) Me too.. :)) Can read them story books here too.. :))

 Adik's corner.. Can you see Betty?? Hehehehe..

Adik likes to watch me ironing my clothes, and we saw this in Tesco for RM 5.. Cute right?? Siap with baju to iron.. Hehehe..

Remember this old project of mine..? I am gonna come up with more of these.. On our pic at the zoo, Aquaria, ICT, Hot airballoon carnival and many more.. Later will update once ready.. :)

Yes, and this was the venue of our Pot Luck.. :)) At the basketball court.. Hehehehe.. Sayang tak dapat join, later mesti nak join kalau ada lagi.. :))

Great weekend!

So, how was your weekend? :)

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