Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Banawi Studio Outline via FB - Please 'Like' the page to view their latest designs for Gaza T's.. Mind you, they are doing charity now.. All the money collected from their sales would be donated to Gaza fund, and you can be part of it too.. Do support, Fund for GAZA.. We are truly disturbed by what is happening to our brothers and sisters there.. Let us all support the missions to help them.. Amin!

GAZA- Freedom Mission

May Allah be with you..

To Sani Araby Al-Kahery.. May Allah be with you and our sisters and brothers in Gaza.. Thank you for the updates.. Your family is so proud of you, Sue Ima Al- Kahiry, Effa Rafek, Haida Abdul Rafek.. Never got the chance to see you in person, and i hope to see you real soon..
May Allah bless you Sani..

Please follow Sani Araby Al- Kahery via Fb to know the latest news on Gaza.. I am so sad with some comments i saw on FB, saying that they couldn't even look at the pics of Gaza, hear people discuss about it, and don't even want to watch any news on it.. Reason being, they can't deal with what is happening in the world.. :( How sad is that? :( You choose to not care about it, and it makes any difference to the world? No! So wake up, try to understand what is happening to the world today.. The least that we can do is to pray for them..

Still, some choose to pray, some choose to donate and pray, and some choose to be there and help! :(

This is what Sani wrote on his FB wall.. Few minutes ago..


Gaza perlukan bantuan Infaq kalian, situasi sangat genting!

Saya tidak akan pulang ke Tanah Air Tercinta selagi kutipan dana RESCUE GAZA tidak mencapai angka yang diperlukan......Saya akan terus mencari jalan untuk membuka mata semua Bangun untuk Gaza........Moga nyawa saya bukan sia-sia disisi Allah S.W.T.


Saya membuka laluan menggunakan akaun peribadi say...a untuk saluran terus ke Gaza. Keadaan border di Rafah yang tidak stabil, Bank dan Western Union ditutup akan melambatkan bantuan. Saya akan withdraw infaq kalian sehari RM5,000 x 4 debit cards saya. Sehari saluran terus boleh sampai RM25,000. Keperluan segera RM500,000.

Account : RHB Islamic
No : 10714560039776
Nama : Ahmad Sani Bin Abdul Alim Araby

Kalian juga boleh infaq ke Tabung Gaza MAPIM. Target keperluan RM2,000,000.

BIMB: 08013010075820
MAYBANK ISLAMIC: 558220601374

C&P dr saudara Sani Araby Al-Kahery, RAKYAT MALAYSIA yg berada di Gaza..

Later, he updated this..

Update Infaq Acount Gaza (Sani Araby) now : RM24.00

"Am i failed or should i capture footage that is terribly horrible so that people will open their eyes?"

I saw few people commented on this, and i hope people will respond.. Please help them! :( Let's help them!!

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