Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrating Opah- Part 1..

Yes, part 2 would be tomorrow, as tomorrow ada lagi celebration in Shah Alam to celebrate November babies.. Hehehe.. Alang, My mom, My sis Zaliha, and Ibrahim Jr's birthday.. :))
These pictures were taken yesterday during Opah's mini birthday party, attended by adik beradik and anak2 buah di Shah Alam.. The cousins did a great job again.. We had 2 cakes, red valvet and pavlova cakes, oh yes, and also sate.. :)) Very nice indeed.. :))
Happy Birthday mak!

 That morning, during 'Video for Opah' in the car.. The AJK would compile the vids to view tomorrow.. :) From anak2 and cucu2 Ahmad.. :)

 Happy Birthday Opah.. Look at my son.. When it comes to cakes, he would be seating infront, frozen.. :P

 Remember Hello Kitty cake?? These cakes were made by Aqilah too.. Her Red Valvet is number 1!!

Love you Opah.. :)
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