Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun Filled Day!

Upin Ipin for Hessa..

Plants vs Zombies for Aidan..

H & M window shopping for mummy! :P

Kids had fun! As for us, we kept telling ourselves to stay patient, as both kiddos were extra happy today.. Hehehe.. Yup, they insisted to go everywhere, and freedom it was to be able to be running here and there.. :P

This morning, we brought the kids to My Life Kids Store in Bukit Jelutong, 5 minutes from  home as there was a carnival a.k.a Super Sales there.. Upin Ipin Carnival to be more specific.. :P Hessa loves Upin Ipin.. And when i asked them whether they wanted to meet with Upin Ipin, Hessa was the one who got so excited, as when we stopped for breakfast first, she said "Jom Upin Ipin, jom!".. Yes, dah makan, dah kenyang, jom Upin Ipin!

So, they got the chance to join other kids in some of the activities there.. Coloring, simple games and what not.. Hessa clapped her hands and danced when she saw Upin and Ipin.. Later bid Upin and Ipin goodbye, sealed with "I yer vu!" I love you! Sweetness!:)

Plants vs Zombies carnival was held in Setia City Mall..We love it there, as it is near to our house, and very convenient.. :) When we had nothing else to do, Setia City Mall lah our place to hang out.. :) Yes, today it was all about Mascots.. There, they got to see Plants vs Zombie's stuff, and later got to meet Mr Zombie, itself.. :) Reached house at about 5.30! 

Huh, bye2 Sunday! :P

Pictures time! :))

Upin Ipin Carnival..

Plants vs Zombie Carnival..

@ H & M, and Setia City Mall park..

Hello Blaire.. :P Hello B!! :P 


Love! We got this for Tokma last time.. Gotta collect them.. So cute! :)))) 

At the park.. Cantik! :) 

So, how was your weekend? :))

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