Monday, November 19, 2012

How 'difficult life' IS 'difficult life' when you can see pictures of kids, men and women, fighting over their rights, their lives, their land in Palestin? We need to start to really be thankful for what we have now.. Say Alhamdulillah, FREQUENTLY.. Some people have no choice but to deal with it.. I am soooo disturbed, looking at the pictures of small kids who already understand what the war is all about, and have no fear to fight at all.. I cried over the babies and toddlers who knew nothing, and the victims who died, fighting.. Jannah awaits you, In Shaa Allah.. What a strong, strong soul.. :(

At one point in my life now, i see things differently.. Life is too short, really.. And i choose to live simply.. When we live simply we are able to rest in the peace that simple living brings.. And appreciate things that matter most.. Alhamdulillah, that the challengers and tests here and there able to make me become much wiser, and see things differently.. I am now 31.. Yes, 31 years old.. Sometimes i wonder if i can make it, 62??.. Time is running fast.. I don't want to waste my time anymore.. :(

Appreciate life in a different way.. Appreciate our parents, family members, and people around you.. You have nothing in this world, really.. Nothing that will remain yours.. But the bonds that we have created in this world, may determine who we are later.. Bond between us and Allah, parents, family members, and people around you.. And ofcoz all our 'amalan', and how sad i am to know that i may have wasted my 31 years being alive, fighting just to survive my days here in this world.. :( And i am still here, feeling not enough.. Alhamdulillah, i see things differently.. Challengers to survive is still there, yes, like STRUGGLING! but to see things differently here and there, makes me feel content and at ease.. Syukur! :)

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