Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I love you with all my heart.. To the moon and back, to the moon and back again..!! :)

Picture Dictionary Fun Time!

His BEST moment, is when we decided to proceed with his Picture Dictionary, he would go 'YES! fish mummy, fish!' asking for Sea Creature page.. :)) I just love this PD too, as from this book, Aidan learnt a lot. He able to recognize some of the things he saw in the PD and remember their names.. Super like!

Sometimes, from one pic to another, we would name and make a short story just to let him remember them all.. Like Octopus, i would ask if he could still remember the octopus we saw in Aquaria.. And perhaps let him watch our videos there too.. Aidan seems excited with my approach in teaching, that sometimes when i ask daddy to help me to teach him, Aidan would choose to wait for me instead.. :P But, when it comes to flash cards and what not, daddy's approach kinda fun too.. :))

Mind you that we are potty training my son, and last night, he refused to wear his pants, sebab bila rasa nak pegi toilet, senang nak lari pegi toilet, but i still asked him to wear his diaper, cepat2 buka and rush to the toilet.. Sometimes sempat, sometimes tak.. Huhuhu.. Smalam sibuk with this and that, and i can't handle kalau ada TER2 nih.. hehehe.. Yes, case 'TER-kench' still happens, just need to support him more, ofcoz! :))

So this one is actually when he practice naming the things he saw in his PD.. I was preparing clothes for today, and he asked me to go through the PD with him.. I shall put you first, honey.. Jom! :)

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