Thursday, November 1, 2012

My friend cum neighbour's masterpiece.. :)) Thanks Wirda @ Mangotouch Delight.. :)) Superb finishing! Soooo cute!

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan!

Mini BIG TOP, CIRCUS party for my little one and September babies.. :) And promoting Mangotouch Delight!

Last week, we had sukaneka at my place, and since the plan was to have potluck at my place, i ordered some Pavlova from my dear friend, Wirda.. :) Since she just started her baking business, i decided to order a cake for Aidan, daddy and other September babies, Farah, Fatin.. :P Just to support my dear friend's business.. It was BIG TOP ELEPHANT CIRCUS CAKE! To compliment their t's, circus tent, and elephant seater we already had at home.. :)

I told her i wanted an elephant circus on the cake, and never that i thought that it would turn out like this!!! This is way... SUPERB! WAY TOO SPECIAL!! Not saying that i under estimate Wirda's talent in baking, yes, she is indeed a good cook, so expected in a way.. But, since she just started this business like a year now, i was really amazed to see the figuring.. An elephant indeed.. Hehehe.. Beb, jadi seiiii!!! :)) Great job! Her husband, Rahman also commented on my facebook, he went something like "aku tak sangka dia pandai buat cake tuh!".. hehehe..

I am so happy to order this cake from her, and perhaps a motivation for her to come up with more cakes like this.. :)) Challenge indeed.. Good one!! Since we love cakes, and that night we had BBQ at Achik's, i brought the Pavlova and the cake to Achik's too, and everyone complimented both!! Yummy, Wirda.. :))

Now that i have promoted Mangotouch Delight and Wirda Rasid via FB, may i have a slice of your red valvet cake?? Tihihihi.. :P

Some of the pics.. Will update more later.. :)

When it arrived home, i was like "My Goodness, this is not a simple cake for sure! This is WAY over THE TOP!" Yes, theme pun BIG TOP! :P

Happy Birthday anak mummy.. :)) Mummy doakan Aidan and adik yang terbaik setiap hari, and you two are always in my mind.. :)) I am so happy to call you my son! High 5! :D

I got them these t- shirt masa both kecil lagi.. Baju Hessa for 9 months old, and Aidan for 2 years old.. Since i saw these baju, and decided to make a theme out of it, i let them wore it on that day.. Muat lagi.. Next theme? Jap check apa yang dah ada di rumah.. hehehe.. :P Love Elephant BIG TOP t's!

Alhamdulillah, no red spots came out on her face after she had her cake.. Kalau tak, makan sikit jer, red spots came out all over her face and body.. Kena gak bagi Hessa sikit2 telur, so that lama2 ok.. Alhamdulillah..

You can run, but you can't hide.. :P

Sugar RUSH?? NO!!! :P

More pics coming up later.. :)) InsyaAllah..

Thanks Wirda for giving 10% extra effort for the cake.. Hehehe.. :))

Will update the other September babies as well.. :P

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