Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The things about him now.. Yes, when he knows and understands his so called title, Abang! :)

1) Sometimes would stop adik from doing things he finds dangerous, and he would go 'Adddiikkk, no! Dengar cakap abang!' Hehehehe.. :P And to ensure that he would remain 'being protective' toward his adik like this, i would support him, and ask Hessa to listen to her brother.. Aidan would look at me with proud.. Smiling.. :)) Thumbs up Aidan.. BUT, occasionally, Hessa lak would be mad at him, for being too hyperactive, jumping here and there.. :P Kekeke.. Playing kakak, i supposed..
2) When i ask 'okay, who wants to take shower first?', he would always suggest for his sister first, and later would ask adik, 'Adik dah mandi? (eventhough adik still ber-towel), and i would simply smile and my little flower would reply, 'Yer..' Oh my, i must have done something right in my life.. :))
3) Sometimes bila argue with adik, i saw him cubit his sister.. Ayoyoyo.. And OCCASIONALLY, Aidan would do it sembunyi2.. Hehehe.. This is when he finds adik out of control and thinks that he is in control.. Hahaha.. Sama jer anak2 mummy ni.. Tak nak mengalah, but now, adik dah pandai ngadu, and would simply let mummy know or simply give back to Aidan.. But ofcoz, apa la yang adik boleh buatkan.. Takper, mummy come to the rescue yer, adik.. :) I caught him few times, when he made the sister cry, and said 'Shhh, dah dah, Aidan tak sengaja!'.. Yeahhhh, really??? :P
4) Missing each other, even when we are staying in the same house.. Hehehe.. When Aidan decided to play his PS3 downstairs, and Hessa with mummy upstairs, Aidan would ask, 'Mana mummy, mana adik?' and later bila mummy and adik turun, adik would be so delighted to see Aidan.. She would go/ scream, 'Aidannnn!' and Aidan pun 'Adik, jom men (main)!'.. Macam 10 tahun tak jumpa.. Hehehe.. :P
5) Playing teacher as he would teach adik ABC and new songs.. But this one, i really need to always pantau.. Some of the things he taught Hessa memang betul, but my son tak recognize all alphabets yet, and sometimes lain plak yang diajar kat adik.. Adik pulak tekun mendengar and ulang apa Aidan cakap.. I am so happy with Hessa, sebab cepat pick up things yang dia tengok and dengar from Aidan, and i should say she undestands a lot now.. Like you can explain, and give instructions to her, and she would respond.. Masa Aidan her age, not all things yang kita cakap, Aidan faham, but Hessa is super sponge! :)) Recognizing shapes, mummy bagi A+ kat Aidan.. Good job!
6) Manja. Yes, both manja, but Aidan sometimes tend to be a little too manja, especially when he saw mummy and adik playing together, gelak2, or simply when i cuddle adik to sleep.. He would ask me 'Mummy tido ngan Aidan..', 'Mummy jangan la tido adik.' Ayoyoyo.. Yes, trying to be fair enough, but never let him feel like he is left out, sebab he would put the pressure on his sister, and would always nak marah2 adik.. So, bila adik dah tido, i would say 'come, mummy sleep ngan Aidan, i already promised you kan?' and since both of them share 1 bed together, that nicely place next to my bed, i could touch both at the same time.. Dah, tak yah gaduh! :P
But i am sure they just love each other dearly, that's why bangun jer, would simply cari one another.. I am blessed to have you in my life, and you two are always in my prayers.. I ask nothing, but the best for you.. I love you two with all my heart.. :))
My boy.. Abang Aidan.. Ini abang Hessa.. :))
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