Saturday, November 17, 2012

What i doodled for little Miss Hessa, and she answered them well.. But, for the cake,she went 'Ebiday yu you Opah..' hehehe.. :P Spiderman was requested by Aidan, not adik.. *tiba2

On Tracing Dots with Cik Dan and Doodling with little Miss Hessa.. :)

Tracing Dots is fun with Aidan.. Not one time that he decline to do this exercise.. :P He finds it fun, and how i pray that he would love this activity for long.. :) This one is on 'A' from his latest Tracing Dots exercise book that i love so very much! :))
After obeserving my little Hessa, she is indeed special as she loves guessing games.. She finds Flash Cards interesting enough, but when we ask her to say it out loud, she would make this one sound, and walk away.. Hehehe.. But when we are not looking, we can see her naming the pictures on the flash cards, and ofcoz ada yang betul but ada yang salah.. Hehehe.. I tried to doodle now, as i think she is more like me, Art person and what a better way to use this approach then to draw.. So i drew Cat, Ball etc2, and guess what, my daughter, excitedly respond! Great job, now i know how to tackle her.. Some drawings and guessing games! :)
So these are our activities for today.. Yup, i will continue my class for Aidan as well.. We stopped at 'J' for Jelly, remember?? Well, we need to make some REVISION first ofcoz.. My boy banyak main now.. It's about time.. :))

We are using pencil now, and i refuse to introduce him the eraser.. So, just now, when he did not follow the dots accordingly, i said, 'Aidan rasa this one cantik tak? Mummy rasa tak berapa cantik'.. Hehehe.. And then he said 'Okay mummy' and continued with the next one, and asked me 'Mummy, yang ni cantik tak?' Kekekeke.. There were times that he, himself went 'Alaaa, yang ni tak cantik..' :P

Good job, buat bagi cantik2 kay?? :P
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