Saturday, November 24, 2012

You want to know how much i love you??? THESEEEE MUCHHHHH!!!!! :P

Girls Pampering Day!

Spa at home! :P

How cute my little angel, she was all about LOVE stickers when we proceed with a Mani Pedi Spa Style session at home.. Only for the girls.. :P
Before that, i shampooed her hair, and guess what??? She did mine! Hahaha.. Habis muka mummy pun Hessa shampooed.. :P It was so funny with my Hessa, siap tanya lagi, "Mummy, best??" sebab i was laughing at how she shampooed my hair.. Seriously, she tried to follow how i did hers, and tried to be careful at all times.. But, she is still a small baby girl, memang la tak boleh budget where to stop, habis kening semua dia nak shampoo.. :P Hahaha..
So, later, during her Mani Pedi session, right after cutting her nails, polish sket :P, i took out her fav LOVE stickers, and asked her to pick her favorite 'nail colors' :P.. And these are her fav ones! :P How cute!!
My baby girl is one happy princess, saying to abang 'Aidan, ni antikk! (cantik)' sambil tunjuk the finger nails.. :P Aidan requested for his, but later he said, 'No, ni untuk princess jer..' :P Hahahaha.. Yes, adik is a princess.. :)) LOVE both of you! :))

Deciding which color to choose.. "Do we have to mix colors , mummy?" Maybe yang tuh yang Hessa tengah fikir.. :P Hahahaha.. Takder yang satu color jer adik.. :P 
 Chewahhh, siap duduk and decide.. Waiting for mummy to help her with her nail colors.. :P

 How cute.. :P

She loves her finger nails.. :) 

 Showing off to Aidan.. Kekeke..

 Love you princess.. :))

Love you so so so so so much!!!!! Muuuax!
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