Thursday, December 20, 2012

A baby is coming! A baby is coming!

Alhamdulillah, i am sooo happy.. Sooo happy that i could cry over this news.. :))

Yes, a new baby is coming.. Another 9 months or so to see him or her.. I just can't wait! My oh my.. The feeling is oh so special.. :))

He or she is a gift from Allah.. And i am sooo happy to be part of this great news!


My bestie is having a baby!!!!!

Hahahaha.. mesti ada gak yang went:

"Ehhh, Sara pregnant ker??"

"Ehhh, Achu pregnant ker?? Tau la tangkap gambar feeling2 ngan Ilyas aritu!" Hahaha.. or simply

"What?? Like seriously??!"..


Yes, you got it wrong! The baby is not mine.. My bestie (nama tak nak reveal now, sebab baru 13 weeks), that married exactly 1 month before me had been struggling to have a baby on their own.. And after few treatments, and surgery (yes, surgery), she let me and Diana know, that she is expecting a baby!.. We are the first friends to know, besides the family members ofcoz.. :)) Happy!

I am sooo happy to be part of this good news.. And i cried while reading the message she sent me.. :')

To you my dear friend, i laughed, i cried, i went crazy with you during our 'B' party (:P), and now, i cried again, happy and content feeling, to get to know that both of us have grown to be these new person that we never saw coming, and you my dear, is gonna be a mother soon! Alhamdulillah.. Praise to you, Ya Allah.. :))

Funny when she said "Aku teringat masa ko sickness kat Athens dulu".. Hahaha.. It's your turn now, darl!! Enjoy it!! Tihihihi.. :P

Love you.. love you.. love you..

Good friends will always stay in this heart of mine forever.. :))

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