Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hello anak2 sedara achu!! Hello anak2 mummy! :))

When cousins came over! :)

Yes, when my nieces, Aidan's cousins came over, we just had a lot to plan.. :)) Pia and Nurin, this entry is for you! :))

At night, we had this Puppets Show (specially requested by the nieces, i guess they read about it in my blog.. :P) and few other stuff.. Yes, we had birthday parties like for everyone! Role-play! :P.. :P Later will post the video here.. Good job Nurin and Pia for that wonderful stories, and Aidan amazed with your story line, asyik ketawa jer.. :))

And the next day, the plan was to go for a swim at our Clubhouse, and proceed with pancakes! BUT we missed pancakes, sebab sampai rumah from swim dah lewat.. Had to send them back to Setia Alam and Seksyen 7 that morning itself.. Both went "Alaaaaa, boleh tak kita bawa ingredients balik Shah Alam, and buat kat sana, Achu???" Hehehe.. Kesian.. Next time yer Nurin and Pia.. You guys are always welcome to our house.. Aidan and Hessa pun suka.. :))

In the pics, you might not see Pia's pics a lot.. This girl was everywhere! Hehehe.. She enjoyed herself so much, especially naik slides, and macam2 action she made masa turun slides.. :)) Same goes to Aidan.. Suka sangat slide.. :)) Love the kiddos!! :)

Cousins.. :)

Sorry Hessa tak dapat join lama2, since her eczema thingy kat kaki nampak macam makin kurang.. So tak nak lama berendam sangat.. Sorry adik.. :) Sejuk pun satu hal gak.. :))

See, we conquered the pool!!! It was 8 plus in the morning, takder saper2 lagi.. :))

My baby duckling.. :P

Weeeeee! :))
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