Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green and Blue- Ikea style!

Oh little Aidan, how excited mummy is right now.. I am 4 plus months pregnant to you.. So many things to decide.. Mummy haven't bought you anything just yet.. Back to that 'pantang' thingy.. I have to wait for September or October i guess.. Arghhh!

However, mummy did saw few things that i love for you to have.. Right now, mummy is imagining how your room will be like.. I saw the perfect furniture from Ikea! Green and Blue! So nice.. With the crocodile blanket, sheets and soft toys! Just perfect..

Our house is now 100% completed.. Daddy and mummy are still waiting for the keys, and maybe renovated the kitchen.. It might not take so much time, i hope.. Mummy can't wait to decorate your room! I told daddy that i don't want to buy you a baby crib, but just a normal bed that you could use until you're 7! Ikea- Mammut Series.. That's major cool! Hihihi..

Aidan, mummy and daddy are super cool!! :P

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