Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kanikama Maki!

Remember when mummy said that food was not an option for me because i'd run to the nearest toilet in seconds after i ate? Well, it happened during that terrible first trimester.. Weird food, nahhhh!! Mummy never craved for weird stuff like most pregnant lady had at all.. Good job Mummy! After i went through that super crazy experience, mummy started to find joy, through food, normal ones, yeah, the one that you can find anywhere.. Hahaha..

I loved Japanese food so very much.. From the taste, the presentation, and how healthy their food is to my baby.. Oops, some might say that Japanese food is weird food, because not everyone is into this delicacy.. However, for me, it's just plain, normal food.. :)

During my pregnancy to you, daddy always brought me to Sushi King, and we would indulge ourselves with sushi! Kanikama Maki is a must.. and my favorite, tuna mayo.. Unagi?? Ergg, not to that extend.. Hahaha.. Oh, Unagi is eel.. We don't do eel right? :P

Chicken teppanyaki is yummy yummy.. Once in a while we went for rice with fried chicken, japanese style.. With vege.. Woohooo! Mummy feels hungry now.. Hahaha.. Not to forget, our most favorite side dish, ehem, Miso Soup.. Daddy saw me loving it, he had a taste, and decided it wasn't a go for him.. Hehehe.. But we sure love it! Yummy yummy!
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