Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mummy with my Audrey, Daddy into Stargate!

Mummy and daddy are so into movies.. Until now.. We are movies freak! Before we got married, mummy and daddy spent our weekends watching movies.. It was hard for us to miss any new movies at all..

Due to the fact that mummy didn't really feel like going out during my first trimester, we started to find ways to pleasure ourselves with what we loved best.. Movies! We decided to stay back home and watched movies from daddy's tv.. Yeah! Daddy knew me so well.. I loved old romantic movies from the gorgeous ever, Audrey Hepburn.. Oh my God, she was very elegant, sophisticated and the only person i see beautiful being a 'stick'.. Yup, she was such a tiny little person, so thin yet classy! Daddy bought mummy most of her collections and daddy would upload those that we found difficult to find.. Big love for daddy!

Mummy loves Audrey works so much.. Breakfast at Tiffany, Funny Face, How to steal a Million, My fair lady and so many more.. These movies that accompanied me during most of my pregger days.. Besides that, mummy and daddy started to collect tv series! We go from girlie girlie stuff for mummy, and funny, action pack for daddy! I love all my tv series collections..

One of daddy's favorite tv series is Stargate.. At first mummy kinda okay with it.. Well, i did watch few episodes with daddy.. Somehow, the story line became so confused, and daddy being the only one understood about the whole thing, watched the story night and day, anytime at all he was around.. Mummy with my so not pleasant condition felt like throwing out every single time he watched the story.. Well, the casts inside Stargate had these weird faces.. Not a go for mummy.. It was just too much! Hahaha.. Pity daddy.. But we let him watched, because we loved daddy right? :)

Oh Aidan, you will love daddy's collection of movies.. We have a lot! Daddy have this complete series of 'Everybody loves Raymond' that you may not find it easily when you have grown up.. Daddy and mummy enjoyed it so much.. It was really hillarious.. Daddy once told me that it was good to watch funny sitcoms after a very tiring day at work.. And it helps us to be not so uptight and stress out.. He was right.. I'll keep this one for you.. You'll love it! Besides that, not to forget daddy's collection of cartoon movies, and i planned to come up with my Aidan's own cartoon collection..Yeah!
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