Friday, June 19, 2009

Playing Dress Up!

I love being pregnant to you, Aidan.. Not only that i get as much attention as i can from all our loved ones, but the fact that most of the strangers i met everyday, would give me this sincere look that makes me feel oh, so special! Today, mummy went out for lunch with Aunty Feeza, and we went to mummy's favorite hang out- place before i got married to daddy.. Pak Li.. Mummy still remember those days where all my gal pals would gather for dinner and stuff there.. What a memory.. I shall treasure it forever.. :)

Most of the waiters and waitresess who knew me before, were all seemed so suprised to see me with my big tummy.. It has been quite some time for mummy to make an appearance there.. Everyone greeted us, and they seemed happy to see me being a pregger, and wished mummy the best.. :) They did 'compliment' me of how 'big' i have become.. hehehe.. yeah, 'compliment'.. BIG LAUGH!

Looking back, mummy loved to dress up.. Girlie girlie stuff, make ups, shoes, and yeah, bags.. I am a very simple person, but i love to play dress up.. The moment i knew that i was pregnant to u, things were still in control whereby i could still wear most of my clothes fit, and that time never seemed to be a question for me.. I had all the time in the world for myself..

During my most terrifying phase, i started to become a little bit moody and major sensitive.. Yeah, when i started to feel the changes in my hormones.. Since most of the time i always fell ill, playing dress up and looking fine were not in my priority lists.. Hihihi.. I would rather stayed at home, resting.. My oh my.. Due to the fact that I chose to lock myself in, i had to pay for the price.. I grew bigger! :P

Day by day, and few months passed by, my tummy grew bigger and bigger, and mummy started to realize that most of my clothes didn't fit me well at all.. Oh Aidan.. Mummy didn't really feel scared or anything, because i knew that i am having you, and this is my sacrifice to you.. However, when i opened up my closet, i saw my dresses and tops that i wore only once, and have no idea if i could still wear them again later after i conceived.. OMG! My Karren Millen! Errgg! Hahaha.. Mummy's pet sister, Aunty Farah told me that if i were to have a garage sale later on, she'll be the first in line.. Hahaha.. What an affirmation.. :P

Now, after 4 months pregnant, mummy started to feel like putting some make ups before going out.. That's an improvement! Hehehe.. Mummy might take exercise classes or something like that after i have you.. I need to get back in shape if i were to keep my Karen Millen.. Hehehe.. Daddy told me not to worry, he'll take care of it.. Hmm.. maybe daddy have this idea where he wants me to work on our house lawn with him.. That's an exercise too! Hahaha..

* Mummy can't wait to bring you for your first jog at the park.. We shall play slides, see-saw, and many others.. However, my little Aidan need to learn how to walk first.. :) It all started with your first baby step! I just can't wait for it! :)

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