Monday, June 22, 2009

Qalif and Carliff!

How happy mummy is my dear, after more than one year being apart from my close friend, Aunty Haiza, last Saturday mummy bumped into her sister, Aunty Pinat! Yeah, mummy got Aunty Haiza's number, and after chatting for like 10 minutes infront of the toilet entrance in JJ, Midvalley, mummy got to know that Aunty Haiza is now a mummy of a 1+ year old baby boy, and his name is Carliff Al- Imran.. Carliff? Hehehe.. Yup, Carliff and Qalif, the one i picked up has the same meaning.. but what a surprise! The pronunciation is the same, the sound is the same, the meaning is the same, except for the spelling.. Hehehe..

What mummy love about the whole thing is that, Aunty Haiza and mummy used to be room mates during my Diploma back in Kedah.. We shared everything together, and she was just like a clone to me.. We love the same stuff, got the same taste of everything and everything at all.. We even shared the same birth month, and hers is one day before me..! Major.. that's major! Since after Diploma, mummy did see her but only once in a while, since both of us had been busy with our own things! Mummy still remember that mummy followed her during some of her shopping trip, a.k.a preparation for her engagement day.. And that was it! :(

Now that both of us are married, and both of us missed each other's wedding ceremony, i really hope that this time it will lasts forever.. Aunty Haiza is now in Penang, with beloved hubby, Uncle Amri and their cute C.. We shall visit them once in a while after this.. Mummy really hope that C and my baby Aidan will be best friends just like mummy and Aunty Haiza.. That will be super cool! Last night we chatted for a while and mummy knew that she is still my old Haiza! All the jokes, how she expressed things.. So her! :)

Aunty Haiza also has her own blog (see, aren't we the same?) where she share her stories about her family, C and so many more.. Mummy did read a few just to get the idea what my friend is up to nowadays.. to my surprise, mummy saw 'me' inside.. All the Audrey Hepburn, the tv series that i like the most, the arrangement for our baby's room, Crazy Beautiful that i asked daddy to upload for us.. Everything.. it's all me! Hehehe.. God, Aunty Haiza.. It's true about what you said, although we are far apart, we are still like one! I love you with all my heart! You are a true friend.. The one that i laughed and cried with.. God bless you and your family.. and we shall meet one fine day! :) Cheers!
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