Friday, June 19, 2009

Our daddy is the next Usher!

Mummy had been longing to feel you little Aidan.. Not that i didn't know that you are growing inside of me.. i did.. I always feel you close to me, but i really wish to feel my little Aidan, moves.. Maybe give mummy a kick or something just to excite me even more.. :) I always talk to you about my wish secretly.. Hehehe..

Last Tuesday night, as mummy busying myself blogging, i felt something moving in my tummy for the first time.. I quickly put my right palm on my tummy, and what a timing.. you gave me a kick! Hihihi.. Mummy felt really happy, and i looked at my watch just to keep the time in mind.. I quickly updated our blog about it.. Our very first physical contact.. :)

When daddy came home that night, he brought us good news.. We were so happy, that we three jumped with joy.. Mummy also had news to share with daddy.. "I felt him just now, he kicked me".. Daddy smiled with proud and joy.. He missed that part! "Now, we have 2 good news!".. Daddy replied.. :)

The night after, as mummy and daddy were resting, i felt it again.. Now it seemed like my Aidan was dancing inside.. So active and the kicks were getting strong.. Hmm.. it makes me thinking, " did you get this from daddy's street dancing skill, or mummy's when-no-one-is-looking-dance-routine?" Hihihi.. Daddy was playing video games ( yup, daddy is also a game freak! you'll love it! :) ) when you actively kicking me.. I laughed alone, and daddy suddenly gave me this look of jealousy.. Daddy felt jealous that he wanted to feel you as well.. Daddy quickly came to us, and as he put his palm on my tummy, you stopped kicking.. Hihihi.. Daddy didn't feel anything until his fifth attempt, then only you kicked! :P Good boy!

Daddy has always love to dance, but secretly, when no one is looking.. Ofcoz, being his significant other, i have always been his biggest fan.. With his weird moves, and the face expressions that didn't really mix together, hihihi, i still give him the warmest applause.. :P Once, when we were browsing the internet, daddy showed me a website of great street dancers all over the world, and he told me that it would be nice to send you to dance classes so that you can learn the arts of movements and self expressions.. :) Well, don't look at mummy, ask your daddy.. Hihihi.. Daddy, daddy, we love you!
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