Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something to smile about.. :)

I heard, I smiled, I warned, I wrote, I smiled again.. Hihihi.. (giggle some more) :P..

Date : June 22nd 2009

Venue : Our room at Achik's house

Time : For sure in the middle of the night..

Conversation :

Mummy : Daddy, have you ever imagined me, being pregnant? (while looking at myself in the mirror, yeah, admiring myself in the mirror.. Kekeke)

Daddy : Ofcoz! (playing games, no feeling at all)

Mummy : Yeah, right!

Daddy : Ofcoz, (silent pause).. this is the reason why i keep on coming back and 'pujuk' u.. I make sure all of these happened!

Mummy : Alalala.. So sweet.. I'm gonna write it in my blog.. What else.. More.. Some more.. Heehe..

Daddy : U don't write 'pelik2' kay?

Mummy : Ofcoz, i highlights! (Feeling so much love towards Daddy.. He's so sweet!)

Now i wrote and i smiled again! :) yup.. and then i giggled! :P

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