Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mummy, Aidan and Daddy!

Dear Aidan,

Today, daddy left us for Singapore.. Mummy misses daddy already! We went to Aunty Zurin's to send daddy off (daddy and Uncle Edarman were going to the airport with Uncle Hazim).. On the way there, mummy and daddy had small talk, and ofcoz daddy being daddy, expressed all his concerns leaving us behind.. Don't worry daddy, we will be fine.. InsyaAllah.. Aidan will take care of mummy! Kekekeke..

Aunty Zurin made such a very delicious chicken rice.. She invited us in and asked us to join for lunch! Yeepee! It was super delicious and yummy! Aidan really like it, we loved the soup! After lunch, daddy and the rest were preparing themselves to leave.. Mummy felt really sad, the fact that daddy would leave both of us here.. But Aidan, daddy went to Singapore for good reasons kay?

Daddy did send us his love through sms, here it goes:

Date : June 24th 2009
Time : 2.10 pm

Daddy : I love u, take care. I syg u dgn Aidan, so jaga diri. Keep positive.

Mummy : I love u 2.. U are our daddy! We both gonna miss u!

Daddy : Big Daddy? Hahaha..

Mummy : Rasa mcm dating2 dulu plak.. Hehehe..

Daddy : We'll always stay this way.. In love, now ada Aidan..

Super sweet!
* Thank you Aunty Zurin, Aidan really love the soup.. Mummy is wondering whether there will be a second session for your delicious chicken rice? :)
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