Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chubby mummy, still having sickness.. Pity mummy..

Yes, I am a pregger!

Wow.. after all these while, I finally have my own blog!

Wuhuuu! Yeah, for some people, this might sound 'pathetically cute' and for others, they might laugh their hearts out, thinking where was I all this time??.. Hahaha.. Well, after spending like 20 minutes just to figure out how this thing actually work, I kinda find it interesting, and ofcoz i'll be back with new post tomorrow.. It's not only i can experiment this thing called 'blog' and scratch my head just to get the idea of why my dear husband sometimes sleep pretty late, blogging, but i am also able to share about my new miracle, beautiful experience being a pregger.. Yeah.. yeah.. i have all the time in the world to write about it..

I am Sara, 28 years old, and yes! I am a pregger!

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