Thursday, June 11, 2009

My dedication..

I have been looking for ways to express my love towards the changes surrounding me.. Yeah, being a pregger, u face changes.. Many actually, just to adapt with each and every one of them.. Sensitive? Major sensitive! Hahaha.. That put my husband in the front row, raising his hand, agreeing with the statement.. What a patient guy he is.. (well, sometimes not so patient as i thought.. hahaha)..

I am four months pregnant now.. I am looking for places that i can share the experiences of becoming a mother.. Some might find it lame.. Yeah, i'm not the only person that experience it.. But i just want to make use of it.. To remember each moment the best.. Well, it started of because of my dear mom.. Once i got this pain in my tummy, and i assumed it to be just a normal stomach ache.. Being a first time pregnant lady, u can't keep on running from asking the experienced ones whether what you are feeling at that particular time is normal or not.. And so i did.. I asked her.. Well, to be frank, i came from a big family of 12.. I am the youngest, and yeah, proper calculation, that makes me having another 11 siblings- brothers and sisters.. Huge number, but we all survived..

Back to the story, my mom couldn't say much about her experiences, she forgot most of them.. As time goes by and that everyone is older now, her memories of the experiences just fade away.. Back then, people didn't really care about writing a journal and diaries is a big What? What?..
Now, with all this technology and stuff, better use it to my advantage, for my sons and daughters to witness the journey of me becoming their mother and how it changes my life completely..

So here, i dedicate this journal or blog to my first ever child, my love, my hero, mummy's little monster, or as my hubby named him 'the brain' = aidan, and i hope that he will treasure the same feeling of excitement like what mummy is feeling now.. I pray for your health, and for you to grow and become a very wise, handsome young man, with great career, excelllent life.. Still, despite all the great things the world can give you, as i look into your eyes each and every time we meet, i will always see you as my first born baby boy!

I love you..

* Please follow the journey of Aidan in the next blog.. All the trimesters and "Mummy got dengue after 2 months pregnant to little Aidan??" Erg..
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