Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few cute things! Something like this..

Mommy loves the toy chests and boxes.. I'm now looking for the shops that sell all these cuties.. I remember Opah bought one for Achik Liha's Haikal 5 years back, but it was sold out now.. Hihihi.. It's okay, daddy said he'll get one for you, not to worry.. Let us just rely on daddy this time, kay? :P Mummy plans to use it as your baby 's clothes keepsake, before turn it into your toy box.. Well, mummy still want to get you a proper wardrobe from Ikea, right?? Mammut collections! - with bed, cupboards, drawers and etc.. etc.. But ofcoz we have to wait for our house keys first, right? Mummy just can't wait! :)
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