Monday, July 20, 2009

Our house is in "Cahaya"!

What a GREAT news Aidan! We'll be getting our house key pretty soon! Yeah!! Thanks to daddy for making everything a reality.. After about 1 year of waiting, the house is completed and daddy and mummy can't wait to live our lives there.. Ofcoz, with you, our little one along..

Yesterday, mummy and daddy went for a short visit to the house, and brainstorming on what should we do first once the keys are handed to us.. The kitchen needs an extension, and daddy plans to get us our own patio, a place where we can hang out with our friends and family members in private, outside the house, and if possible, a small pool.. small one.. very small one.. hahaha..

A must have also are my walk-in closet, since daddy said that my stuff can occupied one room, minus the bed, chests and drawers.. hahaha.. so, one room will be my closet.. and ofcoz, my Aidan will have your own room as well.. With nice colored painted wall, and your Ikeas sets! Blue and green theme.. Super! :)

Well, i always make a joke about the place where we're about to stay in.. My friends always ask me where i am everytime they call me.. And my answer would be, just plain "at home.." (if i was one).. but this time, it would be much more glamorous.. hahaha.. since the name of the place is Cahaya, when they call and ask us where we are.. we would say " we are in Cahaya!" that means "we are at home, guys!" hahaha.. let's talk about being glamorous for once.. hahaha.. And my friends would say 'yo lah.. yo lah..' kekeke.. :P

Ooh, and one more thing, since the theme of the place is "Living with nature..", let's just say that, we are surrounded by trees or forests in a way.. Cool right? Aidan need to be extra careful then.. Okie dokie? :).. InsyaAllah, we'll be moving in after the renovation is complete.. Probably early next year.. And mummy hope so much that, we can come up with our house warming, together with Aidan's cukur jambul and baby shower at the same time there.. 3 in 1.. kekeke.. Let's cross our fingers and pray so hard, kay? :)
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