Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spectacular Spiderman!

Aidan.. Aidan! What a lucky boy you are!! Every boy 's favorite hero.. and some more, the must- have- comic collections of every boy's fav Super Hero!! None other than the Spectacular Spiderman!! scartch* scratch* erg* arg* blur* blur*.. Yeah!! Our daddy has the original collections of Spiderman!!

Daddy keeps his collections safe and 'sound'.. kekeke.. in his comic box.. After 3 years of knowing your dad, mummy got to realize that he is the biggest fan of all when it comes to Spiderman, and my dear, the real version of Spiderman is way different than what they show in the television.. Hmm.. I was like.. "what? why?".. Daddy said, the original version is different.. "This one,they make it simple and easy to understand.. Well, the original one is quite complicated to understand in a way.. Do you know that at one point of time, Spiderman will be cloned??".. Hehehe.. Well, can't tell you all the juicy parts of the whole thing.. It won't be a surprise anymore later.. :P

Daddy would ofcoz safe them for you, for your own personal collections.. Cool, right?? Something that daddy treasure for life, since he was just a little kid.. Daddy saved a lot during his school time, and used them to buy his most fav super hero comics, and mummy saw the limited editions that you hardly can find now, and it is all worth it!! I don't think you can find most of the comic books later on, not that they won't publish anymore, it's just that the value of it may be differ.. Daddy's collections not only limited, but also has it's own sentimental value, between daddy and his son, Aidan! Yeah!!

Later mummy will snap few pics of daddy's collections okay?? Aidan will sure loves them!! Spectacular Us, Spectacular Spiderman!! Kekekeke..
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