Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aidan for Tumble Tots!, The Curve

Thanks to Aunty Zurin and little Harith!.. It was a nice feeling looking at the kids in the kindergarten, and I was wondering whether there is a proper place for kids under 1 year old to get exposed and socializing with other kids their age.. Well, i know that there are kindergartens that do take our tots, staying for few hours, but normally if the mother is working, and ofcoz my case is so way different! Since i am no longer in this venture life of working, i have all the time in the world to look after my November boy, and i think to get him into TUMBLE TOTS is oh so a brilliant idea! Yup, thanks to Aunty Zurin and Harith, as looking at Harith's potential and progressions after attending few of the classes, make me realize that Tumble Tots is just the place that i am longing for.. Hmmm.. Great! :)

Since it was located in The Curve, Damansara, it will be marvellous! After classes, Aidan and mummy can spend our times together, there.. Isn't it wonderful? Hehehe.. Well, i know it is still early to plan all these, but early preparation is a great plan right? Hmmm.. everything need to start at some point.. Hehhe.. In my case, browsing for the classes and the programmes right now, and gather all information about it.. :P Through my research, Tumble Tots rocks!

Tumble Tots have few programmes like Gymbabes.. Tumble Tots.. Gymbobs and Right Start! Super! :)

Babies from six months to walking

Gymbabe and Gymball

At this tender age, children are helped to overcome “stranger” anxiety and encouraged to socialize with other children and their parents in secure and playful environment.

The objective of Gymbabes programme is to cater to a baby’s innateneed to explore and discover. Parents are asked to participate in all activities in order to further establish and strengthen parent/child bond.

Walking to 2 years old

Tumble Tots developing a sense of balance.

Still under parental guidance, this stage allows for childs innate skill of agility, balance and co-ordination to flourish. The child is carefully guided through each piece of apparatus gaining confidence, thrust and independence whilst having lots of fun.

Two to three years of age

This structure, trainer-oriented session develops self-discipline through repeated exercises tha trains the child to listen and follow instructions via activity stations. Encouraged by the parent, the child is coaxed to tackle simple. Physical tasks that ensure success and build confidence. Repetition is crucial at this stage.

Three to five years of age

At this stage, a child starts to gain independence. Trainers work without presence of parents. Trust and security bond with friendship with other Tumble Tots allowing for more social and interactive experience through physical play.

18 months to 3 years old

The programme provides early exposure to:

Language through songs, rhymes and stories.

Phonics through characters in the Letterland, a literacy programme developed in the UK.

Physical skills through the manipulation of a wide variety of multi-sensorial materials.

Social skills through group activities.

Right Start Level I & II

This daily programme lays the foundation for learning through:

Expanding children’s knowledge & concept through themes.

Developing early literacy skills & mathematical concepts.

Intensive reading & writing through Letterland & RightStart readers.

The use of manipulative & pedagogical materials.

Level I

2 to 3 years old

RightStart Level I uses an integrated literature-based approach. Each unit in the curriculum is designed around renowned children's story books, with different areas of learning extended from the story, making learning more meaningful for the child. An integrated approach is adopted as studies have shown that children this age learn in a holistic way, learning for them is not carved up, rather, meaning is gained through integrated contexts.

Level II

3 to 4 years old

RightStart Level II adopts a thematic approach with a strong emphasis on early literacy. Themes which are used to provide children with an encyclopaedic curriculum are expounded on over 5 weeks providing children with in-depth discussion on the topics. There is strong emphasis placed on literacy to develop early reading skills. Phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words will be taught through word play.

Tumble Tots Physical Play Programme

Incorporated in all the above RightStart programmes, is Tumble Tots physical play, Britain’s award-winning active physical play programme. These lessons help your child develop vital physical skills and confidence through purpose-built equipment.

seven years of age

Gymbobs climbing and Gymbobs relay

At this stage, a child starts to gain independence. Trainers work without presence of parents. Trust and security bond with friendship with other Tumble Tots allowing for more social and interactive experience through physical play.

This hour long, action-packed session offers Tumble Tots graduates even more challenging activities. Greater emphasis is placed on performance and competitive skills to the, by now confident child.

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