Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thanks a Million Opah!

Thanks a Million Opah!! Aidan will get his own Moses basket next week!.. :) Yeah! hehehe.. This is going to be Aidan's first gift from none other than his Opah.. "Opah don't you want to wait for Aidan's baby shower?" :P Opah goes.. "Naaahh.. just get one for him next week! What if they sell out the ones you like?".. Opah knows me better! hehehe..

The Moses Basket that mummy and daddy saw yesterday is very.. very.. very.. cute! It's blue and white in color, with simple patterns, and mummy just love it! Thanks to Mothercare.. nyeh. nyeh.. nyeh.. :P I shall get u a matching baby pillow with blue colored knitted blanket.. :)

Well Aidan, since mummy is entering my sixth months pregnancy, ofcoz this is the right time to shop! Yeah!! Mummy's most fav thing to do.. But this time, it's all for my little Aidan.. More shopping spree coming! Hooray!

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