Monday, July 13, 2009

Daddy's Swimming Time! That is Daddy and oh yeah, Uncle Zikri!

Funny- looking Daddy! Heheh..
Harith and Mira! Later Aidan will be-friend with them kay? :)
Daddy with 'grey hair'.. Now we can imagine right? Richard Gere? Kekeke..

It's play time!

We were there too! Daddy, Mummy and Aidan!


A- Famosa, Malacca- Titan Family Day!

Last Friday, we went to Malacca.. It was Titan Family Day, and ofcourse the rest of the Titanians were there with their families, enjoying our 3 days 2 nights stay in A-Famosa Resort's bungalows.. It was relaxing and although there were times when mummy and Aunty Zurin had nothing to do, we tried to come up with our own activity such as s-w-i-m-m-i-n-g- or in other words 'berendam' since both of us are pregnant! Hehehehe.. Playing scrabble is another option.. Mummy still remember the times when mummy, Aunty Zurin, Uncle Edarman, Uncle Zikri and Uncle Ahmad (with the help of daddy) played scrabble the last night there.. It was hillarious!! p/s: ask daddy what f-l-u-n-g-s mean.. Flungs???? Never heard of it la daddy.. Hehehehe!

Tok Ba and Tok Ma also joined us there.. We had BBQ ( bravo to Aunty Ani, your marinated chicken really delicious, but mummy didn't get the chance to enjoy her fav part, chicken wing.. :( ) Hehehe.. and also the games, organized by the committees.. it was really fun! but mummy couldn't participate because of my condition, but mummy ended up being the photographer.. Super cool! Mummy did snap few pictures while there, and i love the pictures during game time because most of daddy's pictures are so FUNNY! I shall keep it to show you later.. :)

Since there were more than 3 families there, we had 3 bungalows rented.. Mummy and daddy stayed with Uncle Edarman's family, Tok Ba and Tok Ma, and also the 'bujangs'.. Hehehe.. The bachelors just love to swim.. and the person who was really into it is Uncle Aizam, Uncle Edarman's brother.. He was a very 'special' person and i just love to see how daddy treated him.. Daddy being daddy, didn't really love to participate in sports, but the last day was a shock! Daddy together with the kids went for swimming, and to our suprised, he was the head of the whole games that they played in the pool.. Hehehe.. Mummy did snap pictures of Harith and Uncle Edarman.. It was very nice, that mummy imagined how is it gonna be like when little Aidan arrives.. I can't wait to take your pictures dear, swimming, playing balls, sleeping or even doing practically nothing! Hehehe..

Since the camera was with me most of the time, i took quite a lot of pictures of everybody during our trip in Malacca.. I fell in love with Haikal's picture.. (Haikal is Aunty Izan's son.. he is 7 months old now).. Mummy decided to edit it later, maybe change it into black and white, and give it as a present to Aunty Izan for her collections.. It was super! Well Aidan, the holiday was sure is relaxing and fun, looking forward for our next trip and holiday.. Oh yeah, we might be going to Port Dickson or Genting Highlands next week! Thanks to daddy and friends!! :) Till then, these are some of the pictures mummy captured in A-Famosa Resort, Malacca, Titans Family Day!.. :)
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