Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BIG NO to Pre-Eclampsia!

After consulted by Dr Siti yesterday, mummy came to know that i am in my 28+ weeks pregnancy, which plus and minus, makes me the official 7 months pregger! Me and my 7 months-big-tummy! :) I was so happy with the news.. However, mummy did feel a little bit scared before we went to the hospital..

Due to my unpleasant conditons, like the bloating thingy, bodyache that never goes away, headcahe, and the set of fever, cough, and flu- mummy became so moody most of the time.. Pity mummy right? My eczema also gave me this crazy feeling that i ended up scratching here and there.. Again, not on my tummy ofocz.. :)

One night, as i was reading my baby book, i came across what every pregnant women refused to caught into.. Pre-eclampsia, or in other words, the major cause for early delivery or pre-mature delivery.. As i was going through it religiously, mummy was suprised with the symptoms stated that may lead a person to face one.. Besides high- blood- pressure, i have the other symptoms like bloating, headache, fever and others.. God! No way that i am going through this.. I prayed real hard that you will take your time, and give mummy a peace of mind, by sticking up to the actual delivery plan! "Aidan, please be a good boy..Help mummy here.." as i recall..

The minute i entered Dr Siti's room, a lot of things came into my mind.. I was hoping for good news, let alone the bad ones.. Dr Siti was suprised with my condition.. 'Bloating? Why so early?'.. 'Oh God!'.. Suddenly she smiled, and she said that it was normal, that i put all my body pressure to my feet.. 'But,what about the things that i have read?'.. Well, after few examinations, we ended up agreed that it was not pre- eclampsia,but a normal unpleasant things that most preggers have to face..'This is normal..' Mummy goes 'Alhamdulillah..' Although there's a sign of Protein in my urine, it is normal, okay?? Hehehehe.. I don't want to go back to my endless and sleepless nights, thinking about it.. :)

Now, mummy stayed in Shah Alam with Opah and Achik Liha's family.. Opah just want to look after me since i am all bloated.. I need to have enough rest, thanks to Opah for being so helpful..We love Opah so very very much! Daddy asked about you just now.. 'How's Aidan doing today?'.. Daddy loves you dear! Mummy replied as usual.. 'He's being nothing but a good boy!'.. :) 3 months to go.. I shall see you and smile at you,and kiss you, hug you,be with you and forever we will be together.. My first ever son, my heart and soul.. :) I love you!
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