Monday, August 10, 2009

I'll affirm for this, for the next coming pregnancy.. Hehehe.. Allah's will.. :)

People call it 'mamak mata'.. mummy call it 'mabuk mata'.. daddy call it 'butalah mata'.. Kekeke..

7 months now.. tiring, exciting, challenging, and whatever feeling that i have left.. I am all in pain.. Headache, backache, bodyache in general, you name it.. Hehehe.. And i am going through this in the name of love towards my baby Aidan.. :)

Although mummy sometimes feel tired and exhausted, i still manage to help Tok Ma with the household.. Well, since Tok Ma is still working, mummy can't stand there and just look at Tok Ma, preparing the dinner right after she reaches home from work.. So mummy had been a good help to Tok Ma at home by preparing dinner, help with the laundry and etc.. At least mummy have somethig to do at home, that i can call exercise, rather than just stay in, being lazy and do nothing! Aidan always stay calm inside most of the time when mummy preparing for dinner.. Well, maybe because of my active movements, Aidan fell asleep.. Yup, that one, according to the research mummy did earlier.. Baby always sleeps during day time.. No wonder Aidan always play it busy at night, huh?? Hehehe..

With my swelling feet, mummy still able to keep track all your needs.. Yesterday, mummy and daddy went strolling for stroller.. Hehehe.. We went to see the best offer that most of the brands can offer.. Well, mummy kinda like the Quinny 2009 Collection.. Styish, yet not as expensive as other brands.. Mummy did come across one brand at Mothercare and it is worth RM 5k.. Gulp..! Not exactly what mummy and daddy plan at all.. Let's go for moderate yet worth buying ones okay??

Please help mummy pick one for Aidan.. please.. from Quinny 2009 Collection, with Maxi-cosi Infant Car Seat, and many other brands.. Reasonable ones ofcoz!! :)

Combi Collections- it looks like Collin Farrel is a big fan, huh? :P

2+1- Quinny 2009 Collection, with Maxi-cosi Infant Car Seat.. Super! Red color or just Black for Aidan!

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