Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Car.. It's about time, right?

Mummy and Daddy are such big fans of cars, and to be exact BMW.. We are BMW freaks! However, it's about time for mummy and daddy to start consider on having our own family car, since when Aidan arrives, we might need more spaces here and there.. Well, we are building up family members right?? So, we really need to work on this..

Looking back, mummy had the experience of driving my dream cars, so, i don't really mind now, if i were to change into SUV or a more appropriate family car.. Leave alone daddy's car.. He's in love with his car.. BMW 325i, E90.. So, mummy decided to MAYBE sell off mine..
To experience having own dreamed cars, and to know that it came from your own hard works is a feeling that i shall treasure forever.. Nothing comes free in this world, we need to work for it.. Aidan also need to learn from scratch kay?? Today, mummy wants to share with you my most exciting experience when it comes to cars.. Here are my collections:

My first ever car.. Perodua Kelisa.. I drove this car during my study time in UITM Shah Alam.. Degree time.. It was a very 'helpful' car, since God knows how UITM is.. From one place to another is quite far, so, yup.. i love this car.. Got so many memories with my friends and loved ones.. I sold it off right after i graduated from UITM.. :)

This is a picture of my second car.. Well, it is not exactly 'the' picture, since most of the pictures are in daddy's hard drive.. But it is still the same model : Volkswagen Beetle 1.6cc Gorgeous Red! Mummy bought this car when i was working for CIMB WA.. I love this car so much.. So chicky, feminine and so cute!! This is actually my dream car when i was still in secondary school.. I decided to go for this one, rather than BMW 1 series, or Mercedes A Class, just to fulfill my long time dream.. Not that i didn't like the idea of having my BMW at that point of time, but fulfilling my dream was the wise thing to do.. Then only, we decide on what to have next, right?? :)

My baby before i had you.. my BMW Z4, silver color, soft top.. SEXY CAR!!! I bought this car last year, and it was my major dream when it comes to cars!! I fell in love with this car because of its shape and features.. OMG! I can still remember i drove my gal pal, Aunty Lyn to Hartamas one fine evening! Top down.. Ooouchh!! This is my ultimate love.. If i were to buy our family car, i have to bid goodbye to this gorgeous lad.. :( But, if daddy decides for me to keep it, and we find other ways to get our new family car, it will be Super!! Please daddy.. :)

Here are some of the cars that mummy think fits all the requirements needed to call a family car.. Plus, when Aidan arrives, i need to think where to put your stroller, baby seats and stuff.. Mummy and daddy love them.. :) the first one is MAZDA CX9.. MAZDA CX7 is much more Super.. but it is 2010 model.. Kekeke.. and below, is NISSAN MURANO.. Since Aunty Delima has one, we might want to stick with MAZDA.. InsyaAllah.. Allah's will.. Need to work harder then.. Right, daddy?? Kekekeke..

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