Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Week 28!

t has been 7 months now.. My journey of becoming a mother is very beautiful.. All the pains, headaches and everything are still there, but the bonding i have created with my eldest is priceless..

My all time favorite book to refer to when it comes to pregnancy is ' Pregnancy and Babycare Guide - Today's Parents'.. You can actually learn everything about being pregnant there, and it is very handy, especially to those first timer like me.. :) You will be exposed to everything that you should be expecting during your trimesters..

I am in my final trimester (3rd trimester) and i think i have made it with flying colours.. Kekeke.. Today, as i was reading about the progression of my baby inside, i've learned that:

Week 28: Brain tissues continue to develop and my baby can now dream..

... and mummy goes, 'Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... that is so sweet... dream of all the beautiful things okay, Aidan.. :) Mummy and daddy loves you!
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