Thursday, August 13, 2009

What a thought..

ook Aidan.. This is the exact teddy that mummy plans to get one for you..Since Kaira arrived first, her mummy had already got one for her.. Yeah mummy Lissa, we have the same taste..

Mummy first saw this little teddy from Cradle'n'All.. Mummy loves it.. My first ever present to my Aidan..
So, today.. Mummy called up Aunty Mas and Aunty Emilia from Cradle'n'All.. 'I really need this teddy by October, any chance that i can get it on time, Aunty Emi?'.. 'Ofcoz Sara, not to worry, this is a very simple task.. we'll manage to get it done before Aidan arrives..' 'Yeahhhhh!' So now, mummy will be going to see her to choose my own fabric and material to get Aidan's first teddy done.. :)

To Kaira, Aunty Sara really admire your mummy because of her sentimental touch and thought.. I love her for being different.. Aunty also loves your baby pictures, with mummy and daddy Faiz.. So nice.. You one lucky girl!!

To Aunty Emilia and Aunty Mas, mummy thank you for making this happen.. Congrats for making it big! Erra's cukur jambul ceremony was superb! Next time, it's Aidan's turn, kay? Mummy wish to get Aidan's teddy, blanket and pillow with Aidan's name on top too.. Cool, huh?? Thanks a million!! Love.. Love..

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