Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More or less : 2 weeks in SDMC!
I miss my Aidan.. Aidan will only be discharged once he gains the ideal weight of 1.8kg.. Pity Aidan that he needs to stay in the incubator, but he is so strong that he doesn't need any other supports except for his feeding tube.. Little Aidan has some challenge in sucking milk from the bottle.. Thanks to the experts, now Aidan gains his weight little by little, although it is quite uneasy feeling to see Aidan being feed like that (using tube that is attached through his nose)..
Aidan's weight goes up and down.. And it has been like 12 days now.. But for the last 3 days, he showed only positive feedback, the weight, the active movements, he is a fighter! I miss him so much.. Mummy just can't wait to see you, sayang.. Not in the hospital ofcourse.. I love you!
Be strong Aidan.. Until we meet again.. :)
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