Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks everyone for the gifts..

What a celebration!! Aidan's arrival was a celebration not to be forgotten for both me and my hubby.. Being surrounded by our loved ones, each and every day, being congratulate with love and affections..

Thanks to all that came to witness the day that my hubby and i, being parents to little Aidan.. Aidan is such a lucky boy, to have his uncles and aunties like you all.. :) Thanks a million for the gifts, (and the balloon- Aunty Feeza, is oh so special.. :))

A big warm thank you to Aunty Feeza, Aunty Maisarah and Uncle Sham.. Aunty Azie and Uncle Izan.. Aunty Evie and Uncle Azri.. Aunty Lin and Uncle Rohzan (thanks Uncle Rohzan, for that big angpau.. ;)).. Aunty Lissa and Uncle Faiz.. Aunty Ain and Uncle Johan.. Aunty Fina and Uncle Afif.. Aunty Nelly and Uncle Nizam.. for all the gifts.. and those who came to visit.. Aunty Nadiah, Aunty Delima, Aunty Ani, Aunty Enny and Uncle Amir, and all family members.. Mummy's side and Daddy's.. Thank you so much!! :)
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