Monday, September 7, 2009

Oligohydramnios.. Mummy goes: Oligo.. what.. what???

My goodness my precious one.. mummy is so worried about you, about my condition, about us, about everything..

The thing is that, each time when mummy looked at the mirror, i care less about everything but the fact that my baby is in me, waiting patiently for his time to arrive in this world.. Black spots here and there, uneven skin tone.. Well, who cares when i know that there is a bigger thing waiting ahead of me, my own son, my Aidan.. Admiring my tummy in the mirror each day has become a habit of mine for sure.. However, for the past 1 month, i noticed something different about it.. Well, my big tummy is actually getting smaller and smaller.. :( and mummy goes : Why? What happened? What went wrong? GOD!!

However, since my appointment with our gynae was just around the corner, i kept myself shut and pretended like nothing happened.. or should i say.. nothing had changed at all.. Although i was actually worried, i tried to take it as 'normal'.. "Maybe that size suits my body even more, or maybe my baby has changed his position again, and that's why my tummy looked smaller in a way.." *Sigh..

When i met Dr Siti last week, mummy told her about my concerns, and that not only my tummy was getting smaller, my foot was swelling and that i looked just like a fat cow! "What's going on with me?? Is it pre-eclampsia?? Or is it something else that i need to be worried about?? What??" A lot of questions came into my mind, and ofcoz i couldn't bombarded her like that.. I used a different approach.. the pleasant and not-so-eager-one way of asking questions.. After she examined me she came into a conclusion that the swelling part was normal, that i put a lot of pressure on my feet, nothing to do with pre-eclampsia, and that my tummy seemed to be getting smaller and smaller because of my -low in amniotic fluid!! Or in other word, i am having Oligohydramnios.. Oli.. What?? What?? What's that?? It sounded so serious!!

"So, should i be worried about this Oli Oli, the fact that i know my water level is actually in its poor level?"- mummy.. "Ofcoz, i would like you to produce more.."- Dr Siti.. Mummy went "Oh man.. this is really... something!" Hmmmm.. PANIC! Mummy and daddy went back home with not so pleasant feeling at all.. Daddy being daddy tried so hard to calm me down.. I tried to pretend like nothing happened, but i needed more info about it.. I needed it real bad.. Without daddy's knowledge, mummy went for searching on this Oli Oli.. I searched for it through my babycenter search engine.. "Pfffttt, there it was.. all the information, and all the persons experiencing it, they actually shared the same story as mine..!" Mummy read few lines of their experiences, and without having any other thoughts, i cried! "This is sooooo.. serious!" Positive thoughts?? At that point of time, not a chance!! I lost my grib on positivity.. :( Not that i refuse to share the information here, but i just can't do it.. If you want to know what is it all about, starts your engine, on your own.. :( )

After letting my family knew about it, they became so worried, and decided to bring me for the second check- up.. This time, Maktam, Angah, Achik Liha and Opah, came for our rescue.. Maktam looked at me in amaze.. Nothing fancy about me, but the fact that i was all bloated up, and i actually showed few symptoms of pre-eclampsia just like hers when she wanted to deliver for baby Wawa.. "Adik, i think you are pre-eclampsia.." -Maktam.. "Not a chance, the Dr said it was just the gravity.. The pressure that i put on my feet.." -mummy, trying not to look so worried so much..

When we saw Dr Siti, Maktam started to tell her side of stories, and Dr Siti decided for me to come back and see her tomorrow, Tuesday, for thorough check up.. And to see how my blood pressure is actually doing.. We might need to go for early operation.. And mummy always pray to Allah, for keeping you a little bit longer, safe and sound in my tummy, because i wanted you to gain more weight, develop enough, be much stronger, and healthy.. I wanted the best for you.. Not through this way.. But, it's God's will..

Now that i 'indulge' myself with 3l of plain water everyday, and that i have my rest just like the Dr said, i pray for everything to get back to normal.. Although today mummy has been busying myself preparing for your things, i still hope that we can wait for about 2 months to see each other, right Aidan?? I love you, and i hope to hear good news from Dr Siti tomorrow.. Let's pray together, kay??

I love ya.. and now, I love ya even more!!!
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