Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For easy Latching!

To all mummies, the best is here to stay.. Hooray! Thanks to new technologies and that brilliant research on what is actually good for our babies, we are now being alert with this so called BPA free breast and bottle feeding.. Oh yeah.. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, and yup, starts your engine on that one.. It is true, last time we care less about it, now, do something about it.. :) It is harmful in a way..

As an upcoming mother, finding the right stuff to start this whole mother-kid thingy is so exciting and i become fussy! Kekeke.. "no, not that one, this one.." pointing things to my hubby.. I am so lucky that my hubby gave me the license to make all the decisions when it comes to finding stuff for the little one.. Yup, the fact that he, himself has no idea about all this 'baby stuff'.. so, heaven! Kekeke.. By the way daddy, we do love our Graco travel cot.. (yup, this one he picked, and it was such a smart pick! Very cute, medium size cot, and the most important thing, it is handy.. suitable for travel purposes.. :P) YES! Mummy still want Aidan's own IKEA'S set.. Since this is travel-easy pick and easy to store later on, we give you a round of applause!! YEAH!!

However, the essential thing to think is the feeding part.. This time, i am going for not only BPA free bottles, super sensitive Anti-colic valve and also an easy latch on shape for easy latching.. After going through all cute bottles in store with bright colours and shapes, this one caught my attention the most.. It has everything that i need.. And it is so elegant, no bright colours, but just adorable!

So, for starter, mummy and daddy picked Aidan, his own Tommee Tippee! Yeah!! It has won a lot of awards such as:

I'm pregnant Magazine- My Best Buy Award

Mother & Baby Awards 2006/7- GOLD (best feeding 0-6 months)

Practice Parenting Awards 2007- Winner

Baby & Pregnancy Reader Awards- Editor's Award


Mummy's pick for- 3 months onwards.. Super cute!! MAM and NUBY for sure!!

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