Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aidan and Cradle'n'All.. Thanks Aunty Mas!

We just love them.. Well, they were made before mummy and daddy suggested for your name to be spelled differently.. Still, they were all special, especially that Aidan Teddy.. :)

Now, Aidan and Kaira (Aunty Lissa's daughter) are friends with own personalized teddy.. Mummy found out that Aunty Lissa also has one teddy just like that for Kaira.. Yup, Cradle'n'All.. Super!! To Lissa, i just love your creative ideas on baby Kaira.. Those stroller decorations and stuff.. Well, not just some typical mother she is.. I love us being different, Lissa.. :P

Thanks for the gift, dear.. I shall decorate Aidan's stroller later on.. :)

Aidan's 'bestie' nowadays.. :)


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